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Through the course of a lease, we act for both landlords and tenants concerning the preparation or response to schedules of dilapidations, negotiating these or ensuring that repairing works are undertaken accordingly.

Acting for landlords and tenants


Before you enter into any commercial property lease, talk to us concerning your duties and associated costs and practical implications for repairs and maintenance throughout the duration of your term. We may prepare schedules of condition on behalf of ingoing tenants with a view to limiting repairing liabilities by creating an accurate photographic record of the condition of the property at the beginning.

Acting for tenants

We are interested solely in representing landlords and tenants honestly. Our team accurately records conditions at the beginning of a tenancy.

Protect your interests during or towards the end of a lease by having properly prepared schedules of dilapidations, using the latest protocols, to achieve fair dilapidations settlements.

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Acting for landlords

We also undertake condition surveys for landlords and property owners so as to identify and prioritise repairs and associated costs for estate management purposes.

Condition surveys