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With years of experience in the field, our team can offer property surveys that are unmatched on precision and price.

Expert building surveys


For surveys in Liverpool that meet all of your industry requirements, be sure to give our Grantley Lowe team a call. We specialise in meeting a huge range of industry requirements.

Reliable building surveys in Liverpool

From brief walk-through inspections to advice on layout and the feasibility of the construction’s suitability for use or conversion, through to specific defect inspections such as determining whether the roof or structural walls are satisfactory.


Depending on the type of property and your desired use, whether it's for occupation, investment or redevelopment, we offer a range of surveys tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Reliable, tailor-made building surveys from qualified experts. Call today on

0151 298 9669

Everything you need

Tailor-made for you

Our services extend to full building inspection reports, assessing and advising on the entire building envelope and internal elements, calling upon other specialists as desired to provide supplemental reports on services, drains, ground conditions etc.


Tell us what the property is, what you want to achieve with the site or buildings and we will prepare a report that tells you what you need to know.

Full building inspection reports and assessments