Property and life are inextricably linked.


From the basic, essential need for a shelter that keeps out and protects from the elements, to the creation of an environment that makes the property a productive workspace, or a home a secure and well considered investment.


Grantley Lowe is an established surveying firm with a difference.


Regardless of the property type, it is our aim to apply vision beyond the obvious and wisdom to mix experience with who you are, what your priorities are and consequently what you need, to achieve the right solution.


Whether it’s a building inspection, feasibility appraisal, architectural design or cost and procurement advice you require, please view our extensive services and contact us to talk about anything property related.

Welcome to Grantley Lowe

From building inspections to procurement advice, as expert chartered surveyors we can offer the best advice whether you're a property owner or investor.

Chartered Surveyors

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